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Hi, we are the founders of Golden-Mah Bird's Nest Sdn Bhd, Edmund Mah and Desmond Mah. Some of you might be curious as to why we started off with freshly stewed bird’s nest. It was inspired by Desmond’s personal experience.

“I worked as a salesperson in bird’s nest industry for years before I started my own business.” - Desmond

It all started when my wife got pregnant. I was quite upset to see my wife who felt weak and fatigued during her pregnancy. As a husband, I felt so helpless as I couldn’t do anything to ease her pregnancy.

As much as I understand the benefits of bird’s nest for mum and baby, I couldn’t help because I was busy with my work and it was very troublesome for her to prepare and cook it herself every day because she is was working too.

Therefore, I decided to spare my time to cook the fresh bird’s nest for her almost every day to replenish her health and nourish our baby. This became my daily routine even after the delivery. Then I was thinking “why wouldn’t I help the other mummies too?” Hence, I decided to start a freshly stewed bird’s nest business to share the benefits of it with all the lovely mummies out there as I truly understand the frustration when you really want to give the best for your loved ones yet time and capacity made it challenging.

" With Nest Trend, we strive to provide and deliver you with the best quality of bird’s nest to your doorstep!"

Edmund Mah

Founder of Nest Trend

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